Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Japanese Cheer Team

In Japan, there aren't a whole lot of girl cheerleading teams. There are some of course, but more popular is a boys' cheering squad or team called Oendan. They also are usually cheering for the baseball team, rather than the most common football cheerleaders in America. In the videos below, the team is getting the school pumped up for the school festival.

These videos and also tons of pictures from school festival are posted on my flickr. There are quite a few pictures, but I didn't post any last year, so I wanted you to see what it's all about!


Smiles said...

Whoa, your oendan is so much bigger than mine! I think we only have like 10 boys in our squad. It's much more active, too -- my boys don't dance around quite so much.

ash said...

Yeah, I don't know if this is the norm or not -- but they did the same sort of cheers at the baseball game for school festival dancing around and running back and forth and whatnot. I haven't been to a baseball game outside of bunkasai.