Monday, June 21, 2010

Hamburgers at Montego Cafe

For the past few weeks I have been craving a big juicy hamburger!!! I think that Japanese stereotypes have started to infiltrate my life. Dion and I frequent this burger joint in Fujinomiya, and a small group of local foreigners have dubbed this place to have the best burgers in Shizuoka. Last week, I introduced Kyoko and Chiaki to the Montego Cafe. They of course oooohed and ahhhhhed over the size of the burgers, and Kyoko took part of hers home for breakfast the next morning haha! Here we are posing with our burgers below:

Me, Kyoko and Chiaki with our burgers

Me with the owner -- hope he doesn't go out of business when I leave :)

I have a few more outings planned with these ladies before I go. I met them through my eikaiwa adult conversation class as most of you know. Though many times I don't want to leave my house at 7pm on a weeknight to teach, I have really enjoyed the opportunities that teaching that class has given me. I've gotten to make friends with some Japanese people, and enjoy the conversation and fun we have in class. They are eager to learn, much more than my high schoolers!! I think our next outing is going to be a fireworks festival at Lake Kawaguchi for the opening of the Mt. Fuji climbing season. I told them I wanted to go to a festival and wear my yukata, and they found a festival for me! Such sweethearts. So I think we're going to get all snazzy and go check it out!! Pictures to come later!

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