Thursday, June 3, 2010


I had two reminders before I even got to school today that I have been blessed in my lot in life. I saw two people on my ten minute bike ride that reminded me I should be thankful.

First, I saw a guy in a wheelchair pushing himself up the hill by my house. I have to bike up this thing everyday, sometimes twice. I've tried to stay positive about it, but inevitably sometimes I'm cursing as I pedal my way up. But seriously, it in no way compares to having to wheel yourself up with grocery bags in your lap. So, today I'm thankful for my bike and the legs that pedal me home each day.

As I got closer to school, I saw a guy that I actually see pretty frequently. I think he works at one of the local factories as he wears a typical work suit that factory guys wear here. But many mornings I'll see him out in this parking lot, picking the weeds and picking up trash. Seems strange, as there aren't really any weeds there. Seems he picks them when they are really small before they overcome the gravel lot. Anyway, it made me realize that I have the cushiest job in the world. And probably get paid about the same as this guy.

It's easy to forget how easy we really have it sometimes. We get caught up in the daily grind and forget that we are so blessed!


Ahles Family said...

what a good post :)

Smiles said...

You have such a big, kind heart, Ashley! Please keep writing a blog when you go home; these upbeat kinds of posts really make my day.

ash said...

Thanks Sally, you're a sweetheart! I was trying to decide what kind of blog I want to do when I got just a life blog or if I wanna go along with some sort of theme...I'll keep thinking ;)