Wednesday, June 23, 2010


What a weekend! I took a shinkansen bullet train ride down to the next prefecture. Thankfully I had a coffee, some Hakone bakery and a Newsweek to keep me entertained! It's been awhile since I took the shink, so it was pretty sweet!

So I went down to Tahara, out on another peninsula a bit west of here. I met up with my Tokyo roommate and a friend I met through her. They came up to see me and Mt. Fuji in March, but we wanted to get together one last time before Jennifer and I left. Danielle and I met after getting off the shinkansen and took a local line down the peninsula. The area is famous for nanohana, or rape blossoms, so the chairs on the train were covered in the yellow flowers. Apparently during the season, they outside of the train is covered in flowers too!

We hung out and caught up with each other on Saturday night. We also went for a hike through the fog!! I was able to see a little of the city and ocean before it fogged up. I also realized on this hike that rainy season has given me CURLY HAIR! I was in shock for most of the weekend since even why I try to curl my hair in America it goes flat. I've since embraced it and started gelling it everyday.

On Sunday we went down to the end of the peninsula, Irago. It had a nice beach with surfers and a picturesque lighthouse. Below are me, Jennifer and Danielle.

The girls tried some clams, but I was too scared so I had some pineapple on a stick instead! After this, we headed to a buffet at the Irago View Hotel. Then we headed into the bath at the hotel. There was a fabulous bath looking out over the ocean and end of the peninsula. It was a big foggy, but looking out over the ocean is never a bad thing! It was nice and relaxing.

After heading back to Shizuoka, I met up with my friend Brian in Shizuoka City for some pizza. I don't get to hang with him very often, but we always have fabulous conversation! I didn't want to leave, but we were the last ones outta the place! It was a nice finish to a great weekend with fabulous people!!

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