Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sarah and Ashley Do Tokyo

Hmm....is that title déjà vu? Yes, it seems I have "done" Tokyo a lot in the last year and a half! But, I finally made it to the morning fish market after trying two other times. I guess the third time's the charm when trying to wake up before 5 am! Anyway, more about the fish market later.

Sarah was supposed to arrive on Saturday the 21st, but due to the fog in LA, her first flight got delayed and she missed her flight to Japan!! Poor girl spent all day and all night in airports before finally boarding the plane to Japan in Dallas, spending more time on a plane than originally planned just so she could get here a few hours early! We boarded the train from the airport and headed into Tokyo. It's actually about a 60-80 minute train ride to get to Tokyo from the airport, which a lot of people don't realize. We took the middle option at 70 minutes. After freshening up from hours at the airport and on the plane, we headed out to a nice dinner at Watami, a Japanese style bar and restaurant.
Then we headed off to Tokyo Tower to get a night view. It has new lights on it, and they are lit up on certain days, though I have no idea as to the rhyme or reason. The first night we were in Tokyo however, despite rhyme or reason, it was lit up with the lights. I personally prefer the natural look of the tower, but I suppose, no one asked me! We walked around some of the shops and posed next to the replica of the tower inside.

After that, we were off to Shibuya for a walk-around, of course not without taking some purikura! Sarah was not a fan, so this was the only time I got her to do it! Sad story friends :)

Shibuya crossing and all the lights!

Another pic with Hachiko

Beautiful Sisters in Purikura

Help! I'm stuck in a bamboo shoot and can't get out!

It had to be a long night for Sarah after traveling for so long, but it was a great evening! More to come! Alot happened in our 7 days crammed full of sightseeing!