Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mid-year Seminar Online

Last week our prefecture had our Mid-year Seminar, I think I already posted about it a little bit. My presentation is online here. Thought you might want to check it out! It's mostly on intercultural communication!

I'm busy busy with work and Sarah being here. I don't have much time to write, but we went to Tokyo for a few days for the compulsory sightseeing, then came back to Fujinomiya and came to school together yesterday. It was nice to show someone where I work, and the students enjoyed having her in class. Today she is off sightseeing with one of my friends. They are braving the bus system for the first time together, so hopefully they figure it out!

One of the English teachers that I teach with is home sick with the flu, so I have had to teach a few classes alone this week. Also, one of the homerooms (40 students) was sent home and couldn't take my test yesterday. Because 14 of them were sick, they just sent home the whole lot to make sure that no one else got sick. This flu business is crazy, I hope I don't pick anything up from school! I haven't been spending such long hours at school lately, but I have been out in public and around lots of people with Sarah! I'll keep popping the vitamin C and hope for the best!

Alright, I better get to work, got class in a bit! Just thought I would do a short update!

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