Monday, December 7, 2009

School Days

The language lab is where all my classes are held.
The students have most of the classes in their homeroom classroom.

Once we came back to Fujinomiya, there was still no rest for the weary! I had to work two days while Sarah was here because it was time to give my final test! So she joined me on Wednesday to see where I work. I thought this was as good a time as any to show you a few pictures of my school as well, so this entry actually has more pics of me than Sarah...oops! But I can't really ask my teachers to take pictures of my with my bulletin boards - that would just be strange.

We piled into my Minica and drove in the rain to school. It was nice that if it was going to rain, that it did it when we had to go to school, and not when we were trying to sight see. Sarah laughed at my car pretty much every time we were in it! So of course she had to take a pic of me's close because we sit so close to each other in the car.

My Minnesota bulletin board. I made this when I first arrived, and haven't taken it
down because I think it's sorta a good reference for the kids.

The morning started off with our usual morning meeting. My supervisor was gone that day as well as the vice principal who knew Sarah was coming. Also the other English teacher who sits near me was gone with the flu. So when it came time for the morning meeting, they asked me to introduce Sarah to the other teachers! This is only the second time I've ever spoken in the teacher's meeting, and the first time I had a rehearsed self-introduction speech written down. This time I totally had to wing it and hadn't thought I would have to do it, so it was quite terrible actually. I stumbled through a small introduction and said she was coming to my classes that day. Terrifying!

Sarah's self introduction

During my classes, the students had a listening test that I had recorded with Dion, who is the ALT at a local school (and of course most of you know him as my friend too :P). After the test, I had the students play a conversation bingo type game and they had to ask each other questions, as well as me and Sarah. Sarah gave a short self-introduction and then she helped out in the game by answering students questions.

A newer bulletin board I made with American Holidays

The kids were turning their heads all day as we walked past them in the hallway. We also had lunch with a few of my faves, who enjoyed talking to Sarah and asking lots of questions.

Lunch with the kiddies

Sarah was my first visitor to come to class and it was really cool for both me and the students. The students are always excited to meet another "foreigner" and it was nice for someone to see what my work is like here! It wasn't a regular schedule by any means since it was testing, but still nice.

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