Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Cookies 2009

Friday night was girls night, cookie decorating style! Four of us ladies from the Fuji area (+1 from a far off land) got together to bake and decorate Christmas cookies. I actually haven't made Christmas cookies that much back when I lived in the United States, but we got to talking and it seems that was the case for all of us. I think when living abroad, things like this just provide a comfort of home and an air of familiarity. And well, who doesn't like eating cookies?!

We ended up with more cookies than we knew what to do with, and also too many and not enough frosting!! Above, Fiona, Kelly and I pose in front of the cookie decorating station. Below are all of Kelly's Christmas tree creations. She's Ms. Artsy and definitely won the "best cookie" awards :) But we had a few "think outside the box" winners (a yellow snowman comes to mind) as well!

My mission to have a great Christmas has been successful thus far, and I hope it continues through the new year! Love you and miss you all back home - Happy Holidays!

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