Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Finishing Out the Tokyo Adventure

On our final day in Tokyo, we woke up before 5am and headed to the fish market! Tsukiji fish market is the largest fish market in the world (according to Lonely Planet). There is a huge tuna auction from 5am-6:15am. We came in for the tail end of the auction. It was a room with hundreds of frozen tuna fish (I never knew they were so big!), auctioneers and buyers from restaurants. Below we're posing in the auction room before getting kicked out at the end of the auction:

After the auction, we went for a sushi breakfast in one of the nearby restaurants. We enjoyed our green tea and different kinds of tuna sushi.

Then, we went off to Sensoji temple a second time and got our fortunes. Sarah got a great fortune, though mine was terrible. I think I should just stop getting those fortunes because they're always bad!!

Sarah getting her fortune

Then we did some shopping and headed back to our hotel to pack. Sarah claims she "packed light"...but that resulted in her sitting on her suitcase to shut it:

After that, it was extremely heavy and we had to take turns wheeling it to the station! Here I'm taking my turn!

Sarah and all the luggage (mine too...). She had to take the backpacks so I could carry the suitcase up the stairs. There was no elevator! Thankfully some Japanese man decided to help me and we carried it up together!

We finally made it to the bus at Tokyo station and Sarah got her first glimpse of Mt. Fuji on the bus back while I took a nap! We got ready for the rest of our week in the Fuji area!

We slept like babies that night, each in our own bed thankfully since we both snore!!

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