Saturday, May 29, 2010

School Festival Prep

The longest week of my life...errr...year is coming up. School festival is next Saturday, Sunday and Monday, so the kids are busy busy preparing. Yesterday was our last English club before the festival, so the kids were there pretty late. I gave in and left at around 5:45pm but there were still kids all over! Here are some pics :)

My crazy girl fan club. We keep each others' "secrets"

The responsible girls chatting up front about logistics.

There was a lot of sign making going on!

I'm excited for the festival, even if it means I have to work so many days in a row! Should be fun!


Tyler And said...

Your English club looks like ours! A lot of girls! No boy has dared come to English Club!

Do you have email or twitter? We are ALTs in(there are two of us) living in Gifu Prefecture north of Nagoya.

I was curious if you know of any alternative to getting to the Fujinomiya trail head without using the bus? Any help would be great! BTW we're counting down the days too! If you have any advice about the trail head would shoot us an email at ? Thanks! T&A

ash said...

My English club has a few boys, but they don't do anything haha! They just don't want to be in a club that meets everyday (which is basically the same for the girls too honestly).

I don't think there is any other way to get to station 5 for Fujinomiya trail other than the bus! Or renting a car. There is definitely no train :) There is a bus from Shin Fuji and I think also Fujinomiya.

You can find me on Twitter, ashleyjanssen4 is my name :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to comment again. Hope I'm not being bothersome. Do you know anyone at all that would be interested in giving us a lift from Fujinomiya eki to Fujinomiya 5th station trailhead? It would only be one-way and we would pay Y3,000. It would be the night of July 9 or the night of July 10. Thanks again!

ash said...

Hmmmm I actually don't, sorry! Actually I was the only ALT with a car in Fujinomiya/Fuji and I had a car accident and totaled out the car since I'm leaving. Also that night, everyone I know is attending a leaver's party in Shizuoka city. Good luck with the climb!! I'd suggest the bus from Shin-fuji!