Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cohen's First Jimbei

When I came home this summer, I wanted to bring Cohen (my best friend's son) something uniquely Japanese, so I bought him a jimbei. A jimbei is a sort of traditional clothing, and it's worn I suppose as some people wear a bathrobe. It's an around the house lounging wear or bedtime wear. Some people where them out for festivals in the summertime as they are a lightweight material. Typically when you go to an onsen or hot spring bath, you also get a jimbei to wander around in after you bathe.

So anyway, I bought one for Cohen and for Avery, but they were a bit big. Cohen's fits just perfectly now!! Nicole took some pics and sent them to me - totally made my day! Too cute!! Wanted to share with all of you!!!

A Japanese Stud

Ready for a summer festival!

Can't believe the little guy is almost one!!! Can't wait to see him this summer -- I'll get to see him the first day I get back for a wedding, so he'll be all dressed up in his tux, cute as ever!