Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Catching Up

Last week an "old" friend came back into my life for a brief moment. Luther was a teacher in Kambara last year, fairly close to where I live. He was actually my orientation group leader and was super involved with AJET, in both of which I seem to have followed in his footsteps :) He was also a good friend and fellow Minnesotan!!! He left last July back to Minnesota and South Dakota and came back for a week when he heard that a friend of his from Scotland was coming back to visit.

On Friday, we met up with a group of people and had Korean BBQ. Were were Americans and New Zealanders (zealonites?) eating Korean Barbecue and Chinese gyoza while speaking English in Japan. I'll miss the mishmash when I go back to the US! Afterward, we headed to a karaoke booth. Unfortunately I had to leave early to catch the last train, but I was having a fabulous time and it seems that didn't end when I left!! On Saturday I went to Tokyo to celebrate some friends' birthdays, and again Luther joined the crew, so I was able to see him one last time before he boarded the plane on Sunday!

I wasn't so sad to see him go this time, as I know that we are good at keeping in touch and see each other on the webcam from time to time, and I know that since we're both from Minnesota we'll meet up again someday. When he was here, it seemed like he had never left and things were the same as they were the year before. Thanks for being a good friend and positive influence in my life, Ru-sa-kun :) Hope you enjoyed your time in Japan!

p.s. I posted the smaller smile picture this time.

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