Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Seoul - The Door to South Korea

Sorry for the double post, I accidentally hit "publish post" before I typed anything!


I don't claim to be good at photography, though I enjoy trying to be artsy from time to time. I thought the doors in Korea were interesting and took a bunch of pics. Some are old, some new, some grungy, some with great history, and some just a front gate, but all interesting. Check them out below.

A door at Gyeongbok Palace using the color accent feature on my camera.

A door in the Suwon Fortress Wall.

Suwon Fortress

A door at Seodaemun Prison, where Japanese "aggressors" tortured the Korean "martyrs".

Defending the Buddhists on Mt. Inwang.

Letting in the Neighbors.

At Gyeongbok Palace.

An old style lock at Hwaseong Palace.

One last photo at Gyeongbok Palace.


Smiles said...

What a really cool collection!

ash said...

Thanks Sally...someday I might buy a DSLR camera, but I'm not sure I got the skillz for it :)

Smiles said...

At this rate you don't need it. :) Much better to hone your skills first; I'm sort of figuring out how to use mine as I go, but I think I would've been better off if I'd tried to learn better photography skills before jumping into using it.