Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Incredible Support System

I realized today that I have two fabulous best friends and an amazing family and I just wanted to say thanks. You guys are rock stars :).

Someone I hadn't talked to in a long time was asking about my family today, and upon describing what they were all up to, I got to thinking about how proud of all of them I am. My sister's continually getting promotions in her job where she works extremely hard planning fundraising events for an amazing cause everyday. My brother has a BEAUTIFUL daughter and wife, and has been dabbling in real estate investments, he's so smart when it comes to things like that I can only hope he'll rub off some of that knowledge on me. I talked to my dad today and he was on his way to pick up donations from the local grocery stores to drop off at the food pantry; he's such a good man and I'm proud of how much time he's been volunteering since he retired. And I haven't talked to my mama in awhile, but she's been working like crazy it sounds like and is applying for a para job where she works. She finished her online coursework awhile back and I'm so excited for her! I hope the hard work pays off.

My sister came to visit and see my life in Japan. Had such a fabulous time!

Mom and Dad trying a self portrait. Too cute - I love this pic!

An older family pic, Avery is much bigger now!

I also have two amazing best friends that I couldn't be more grateful for. I know I'm luckier than most to have found two such amazing people who I consider just as close to me as my family. I'm always coming up with crazy schemes and dreams and both love me enough (or are crazy enough themselves) to support me and love me even more for it. Nicole has decided we need to go on a travel adventure together since she couldn't visit me in Japan because of her son being born this year and it's endearing how she throws in an argument for moving to Utah EVERYTIME I talk to her or every time she sends me an email :) And I got a card from Dawna today, just to drop in and say "How you doin'?" I can always count on something in the mail from her with a kind word or small laugh to let me know how much she cares. She's also helped me so much in the decision making process as I decide what to do next in life by sending me detailed emails, sometimes arguing her case for Minnesota, but also sent me a fabulous email with a ton of questions to ask myself to help me make the best decision for me. Of course both of these are only things that I came across today, one day amongst many. Both of you continually exceed my expectations in what I ever thought I would find in a friend, and I can't thank you enough. I only hope I give the same back.

Time spent with the BFFs while home this summer.

So I realize that this is pretty much a big long brag session, but I just wanted to say thanks, I love you, and I'm proud to call all of you my best friends and family. I'm eternally grateful for your love and support.


Ahles Family said...

I love shout-outs, and I hate that pic of me... I just had a baby!

ash said...

That's why I chose one that was mostly our faces :P and to be fair, I hate most of the pics from that trip as my hair cut is boyish.

Smiles said...

I love shout-outs, too. They're so fun to read & it's the kind of thing I do a lot. Showing appreciation for people you love gives you a really great feeling, doesn't it? :)