Monday, March 1, 2010

Community Center Fun

Tuesday concluded another session of adult conversation class at the Working Youth Home where I teach once a week. I really enjoyed the participants this session, so I hope some of them return for another session!! I tried really hard this time to focus on actual conversation and I think that they got a lot better at everyday type conversation in English. Below are just a few of the students. The class technically had 15 people, but each week different people came. There were only three people who had perfect attendance. So these are the people who came during the final week!

It's weird to think I have just one more session left. In fact, I leave a bit before it ends! I also got an email today from my Prefectural Advisor about leaving. It's the first in an installment of 6 emails to prepare us to go. Starting to get real! Gotta get moving this month as I have a break from teaching until April. Today was graduation and the new school year begins in April. Will post later about graduation!!

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