Saturday, March 27, 2010

English Conversation Dinner

Last night I headed out for a dinner with my adult conversation class. Eleven out of about 14 students came, so I was really impressed! We had dinner and drinks at a place called Kotetsu. It has chill music, interesting things on the walls, and "world" food like tacos, nachos, pizza, Guinness on tap, etc. We had a great time!

Hiro, Chiaki, Yoshio, and Kyoko

Natsumi, Yoshiki, Natsuki, Ashley and Maki

Maki, Akihiko, Masayuki, Hiro

I also took home daiko for the first time ever. It's like a taxi, but there are two people and they drive your car home for you and the other person follows to pick the guy up who drives your car. It was an interesting experience. I had to ride in my own car, so in the front seat of course as my car is tiny and doesn't really have the most functional backseat and is a 2 door. I had some interesting convo with the driver (aka "I'm from America" and "I'm an English teacher" per usual). America should take note and offer this service to prevent drunk driving!


Ahles Family said...

that's an awesome idea. I bet we could make good money starting our own biz to do this... got any capital?

ash said...

LoL cuz we know I'm the financially stable one in this friendship? Better find another business partner :D

Smiles said...

I know a service in Tampa, FL, where you can call a guy with a folding bike to pick you up at your bar & drive you home. Then he bikes on his merry way from there. I think I've heard of this in the San Francisco Bay Area, too. It's on its way in!