Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yet Another Tokyo Excursion

I headed to Tokyo for a little pampering and time spent with friends before some of us part ways at the end of July. We started off with hair cuts -- here's some pics of my hair in the subway station. Not the greatest pics, but you get the idea...and I haven't really had many photo ops since then, sorry!! It took me a few days to get used to, but I think I like it. Either way it's nice to have something different and short! It's starting to get hot here and rainy season is upon us, so with the heat and humidity, I really needed something short to keep down the frizz.

After getting beautified at the salon, we headed off to Harajuku for some shopping. Harajuku is absolutely crazy busy on the weekends, you can barely turn around in the store!! I didn't buy anything cuz the crowds are just too much for me to focus, but it's nice to check out the big city for a few days as always. I found an awesome store - check it out below:

Next we were off to the Ninja themed restaurant. All the waiters dress up as ninjas and do a lot of "ninja magic." There are a bunch of different rooms you can sit in, dark hallways with torches for lights and mini waterfalls, just to name a few cool things! A lot of the food pieces came with a small production and at one point in our meal a ninja came over to show us some pretty sweet magic tricks. It was pretty cool - an interesting night out with the ladies!

See above: my awesome tuna sushi (three varieties - lemon, cheese and salt) and even more amazing "Ninja sha" drink -- strawberry sorbet with champagne. I'm not sure how I lived without it before!!

After that we headed back to our capsule hotel for a good night's sleep! Capsule hotels are unique to Japan -- it's a small crawl space you crawl into and pull down a curtain on the end to sleep in. Each capsule has it's own little tv built in and a few other things (I never really use them, I just sleep!) and they are mainly used by business men who just need a place to shower and sleep. Most of them don't let women stay, this is one of the very few, but it's the second time we've stayed there. I tried to pack lightly this time around since it was just one night, and didn't bring pajamas, because they give you yukata (like pants and a robe type thing - like pjs). So I thought I was being all smart...took my shower, got out, and went to pull the pants on...and WOW. I got them pulled up, but I couldn't bend over or walk really! I mostly had to waddle to ask Jenny to borrow her pants instead!! Good thing I have skinny friends!

Morning came too soon, but thankfully our morning was spent at the 100% Chocolate Cafe. It was seriously my heaven! I had a Mocha and some chocolate cake to start the day off right!! Everything on the menu has chocolate and you can also buy different chocolates from around the world. They also have a chocolate of the day (see below) that has the date imprinted on it! So cool! Highly recommended!

Overall the weekend was a success! It was a nice getaway because this week is our school festival. I have a lot of essays to grade, a lesson to write and will have to go to work 8 days in a row (possibly ten if it rains, so cross your fingers for good weather!!!) So it's a good thing I got away last weekend since I'll be spending so long at school this week!

T - 1 month!

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