Sunday, June 14, 2009

What's your definition of beach time?

My friends Jenny and Katie are off to (bigger and better?) other things in life, so Kari and I went to spend one last weekend with all of us here! Jenny lives by the beach = perfect! This is the "surfer" beach....not so obvious yesterday apparently!! But gorgeous nonetheless.

So we all definitely had different ideas of the beach. Mine = onigiri (rice ball with seaweed on the outside and a special surprise on the inside. this case tuna). In all reality, this is not my definition of beach time....but it's the only pic of me I had :) It was nice to lay out, listen to the waves, read and relax.

Jenny = get as much sun as possible and eat melty chocolate!
Kari...cover up as much as I can and study Japanese (and sing in Japanese to myself a little...)

Katie = Kindle Love! Book worm for sure!!

Katie and I couldn't resist a picture of Momma and Baby Kindle...our reading devices...of course along with the real reading material too....

Trying to squeeze into my little car! This was Katie's first and last time in the backseat of my car!! Her legs are a bit too long to be squeezing back there!

We're quite an eclectic bunch of girls, but I'm really going to miss Jenny and Katie next year!! Love you ladies and wish you the best!!

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