Friday, June 5, 2009

Just Another Friday Night

I stayed after school today to help my English Club finish decorating for the school festival the next few days. One of my students bought a bunch of "I Love New York" hats for a dollar each, so we were sporting them above! Below, of course the decorations included TONS of cartoon characters...why not turn the clock into Mickey Mouse?

Since I have to work the weekend away, I'm having a nice relaxing Friday night at home. I made mini hamburgers on some almost wheat table rolls (the closest thing to wheat and bun I could find!) and made mashed potatoes. Topped that off with pickles (!) and a vodka with mixed fruit juice in my awesome hurricane glass :) Now, this may not seem so remarkable to you, but it is to me! Though relatively easy to make, I have only had hamburgers and mashed potatoes a handful of time since I came here. Mmmmmmmm. All while watching The Bucket List, one of my all time motivating movies. Hope you all have a fabulous Friday and great weekend after that while I'm slaving away at work...or hanging out with kids and no responsibility all weekend haha.

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