Thursday, June 4, 2009

Outta the Rut

I think I'm breaking out of a rut. Though it wasn't that big of a rut, things are just going well right now. I have lots to do at work, I started studying Japanese again after a like 5 month hiatus, and I went for my first run in almost a month today. Those are just small things I realize...but I was sick and the nose and sinus issues have been lingering, and I have been using it as an excuse to be lazy. Thankfully that's over...

I also found out that I have to be in "quarantine" after I come back from the US this summer...which basically means I get an extra week off when I get home --- a vacation from my vacation! Who could ask for more? A week to get rid of jet lag?! Although it does seem like that week could be put to better use if I coulda spent more time in the states, but I guess I'll take it as a good thing anyway.

I can't believe I leave in a month, time is just gonna fly by. At work I realized I only have one more lesson to plan and then a test to make and then I'm heading home! That seems like so little work, but the part you don't understand is that I have a STACK of essays on my desk to grade (280+80+more in the next week)...and then once the students take that test that I write, I will have 280 tests to grade too! But as you can tell, I'm really not all that bitter or worried about it...they will get finished when they get finished...and I was actually supposed to assign one more composition this semester, but out of sanity, my JTEs agreed it's not necessary for the kids to do another one this semester since they will write more next semester.

Alright - I'm off to bed. Need to get some beauty sleep...tomorrow is day 5 of 8 at work...still hoping for good weather so that doesn't turn into a longer work week! Love you and miss you all! -- Ash


Molly K said...

As nice as it will be for you to have a vacation when you get back, it is soooooo ridiculous that you will be quarantined. They cancelled a study abroad opportunity in Australia for my students this summer due to H1N1 influenza, despite it already making its way to Japan. Do you think they will quarantine people who visit Kobe?

ash said...

I completely agree. I have a bunch of friends who went to Osaka last weekend and they weren't quarantined...and they have a much bigger chance of getting it than me getting it in Minnesota!!! But I'm not going to complain cuz it means I get a week off work for free...interesting since I went to a bunch of trouble to get just one more day for my trip home and they gladly give me another week just for the influenza!!