Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A second year

So being sick in Thailand and missing the holidays with my family really made me question staying in Japan a second year. It was rough going there for a few weeks, and I wasn't sure how I would respond to the paper being put in front of me to sign for another year, or to sign to go home. Maybe it was just the finality of it all that made me nervous.

After getting back to Japan from Thailand, however, I really did feel like I was back home. Things fell back into place at work, my apartment felt like home, I could understand (some of) what was going on around me, and I was able to talk to friends and family with some regularity again. I made a pros and cons list, and Japan won out by a huge margin!

So I am extremely happy tonight with my decision to recontract. I know I will miss my family and friends more than I ever have before, and I know they will miss me too. But in the end, I'm super excited at the experiences that lay ahead in the next year and half and I know that I can count on my friends and family for support.

Really, you guys are awesome. There are others here who have much less support than I do - I really appreciate your love, care packages, phone calls, emails, pictures and thoughts. Really. Thank you! See you in August!


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