Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pai - A Two Day Trek Through the Jungle

Even further north of Chiang Mai near the Myanmar border is a small town called Pai. It's kinda a tourist hippie getaway, but it was a nice relief after being hounded in the streets of Bangkok. We took a two day trek through the "jungle" and stayed overnight in a hilltribe village where cows and pigs and chickens run around wild and the shower is basically a big tub of cold water and you use a bucket to pour water over youself. Let's just say one night was enough...and one of the hill tribe men is running around with the new black flip flops that I bought the week before...luckily they were only 69 baht, less than two dollars :) It meant I spent a long time walking through water in tennis shoes on the second day! Here's a small recap in pics of the trek! We ate lunch out of a bag and made tea in a fire in a big hollow piece of bamboo! The trek ended with a bamboo raft ride into a cave to check out some stalagmites and stalagtites. If only Jess and Anna can remind me which is which ;) And yes it was a 2 day trek. And yes, I may have worn the same clothes two days in a row!

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