Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is in the north of Thailand, and it's the second largest city in Thailand. Many people love it for the fact that it is Bangkok, minus all the bad stuff. Jenny and I found it it to be quite welcoming, even though we only spent a day there. We maxed ourselves out because it was our last day and we wanted to see everything with the little time we had left! Here's a picture recap of our day!

We started our day with a trip to Doi Suthep Temple, on the top of a mountain outside the city. The myth is that the elephants brought people to the top of the mountain, where they built a shrine and the elephants died from the long journey up the mountain. There were a lot of elephant statues too...sorry not to include them...not so exciting honestly.

Next came the elephant riding. First we had to pose though with the elephant. This guy must have been too old to carry people...so he got bananas all day long and posed for pictures.

Jenny and I riding Mae Mai, age 23, and another elephant with tusks coming back up to get more people. The elephants brought us up to a Karen village, where the women wear rings to elongate their necks as a sign of beauty. They are from Burma.

Next on our list was the snake farm, thanks to Jenny's prompting. That snake I'm kissing is poisonous! A cobra!

After the snake farm, we headed to tiger kingdom for our last wild animal of the day! We got to go in and play with and pet the 4-7 month old tigers. We also hired a professional photographer to take pictures of us with the tigers. I don't have those yet because they are on a CD and Jenny is bringing them to me this weekend. But here are a few close ups I got to take while we were playing in the cage.

I hope you all enjoyed the photo journey of our last day! After that, we went shopping, Jenny got a last minute massage and I got a manicure! A nice cap off to a great trip!

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