Friday, January 16, 2009

Return to Blogging

And after a three week’s absence, I have returned to blogging. I promised a few pictures on my blog until I could post my Thailand photos on Flickr, but I am having a slow time getting back into life here. I haven’t been super busy and honestly probably could have….but I am quite tired and am behind at work because I missed the first week back at school. I taught a lesson this week on New Year’s around the world, and found out a few interesting facts. Did you know:

  • In Venezuela they wear yellow underwear for good luck on New Year’s Eve.
  • In Lithuania, single women put 12 slips of paper with a man’s name on each and one blank slip of paper under their pillow when they go to sleep at night. In the morning the draw one of the slips of paper and that is who they will marry! (I might try this one next year haha) and
  • In Denmark, they jump off a chair at midnight!

Just a few crazy New Year’s facts I came across and am using my lesson.

Next week the students are starting their final project already. I only teach each class 4 times this semester, so I taught a new year’s lesson, this coming week they will start their projects, the following week I will maybe teach a lesson, and the last week the students will present for the final exam grade. It will go crazy fast I know, but I had plenty of time before Christmas when I should have been planning for now…instead I still don’t have an assignment sheet typed up for Monday. Such is how I have always worked I suppose!

Last night our Spanaplish Noche (Spanish/Japanese/English) group met. There were five of us last night and we ate at the Mexican restaurant in Shiz City. It was okay, but not so authentic. All of us were extremely tired and the Spanish speaking was not going so well :) We decided to meet every two weeks though instead of once a month, so next time we decided we need to be super productive…we’re watching a movie (in Spanish) before then and discussing the movie together (in Spanish).

Alright. I suppose I should get to work, since as previously stated, I have a lot to do. I just am not so motivated and am not feeling so hot this week. Happy New Year! Everyone still keeping their New Year’s Resolutions?

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