Friday, August 28, 2009

They really know how to do fireworks in Japan...

This past Sunday I went to a beach day and fireworks in a city about an hour away. It was a fabulous day of fun in the sun! Here's me and Kel enjoying the sun:

The fireworks are amazing. I'm not sure I can ever come back to small town America and watch fireworks without being dissapointed. Yes, this is the finale, but seriously. In America they shoot off fireworks one, maybe two at a time. In Japan, they shoot them off at least 5 at a time, for a solid half hour, sometimes up to an hour. It's intense. Check it out :)

And here's another, really short, but they did these a few times in the show, sooo cool. It looks like a fountain, and I'm kinda a sucker for fountains. And fireworks. So of course I loved em!

Kari and I got a chance to catch up, we hadn't seen each other in a few weeks! Hopefully I'll be seeing more of her in the coming weeks!

Overall, a great day had by all! The only thing that could have made it better was having some of you guys there!! Love you and miss you all lots!

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k8inorbit said...

Ha! I love how, in the middle of the fireworks clip, Kari's voice just comes out of nowhere with an "OH MY GOD..."