Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I just survived the biggest earthquake of my life as of yet. I realize being from Minnesota doesn't say a whole lot, but it was a 5+ on the seismic scale, which is pretty big. I was startled awake at 5 am with hardcore shaking. Grabbed the robe by my bed and ran to the doorway (which I have found since moving here, actually isn't the best place to go, but I was quite groggy and didn't make it under the table). It went for a good 10 seconds I would say, long enough to freak me out and make me shaky. Interesting adjective I know. Nothing fell in my apartment surprisingly, but I have heard from a lot of other ALTs that stuff fell off their shelves and such. Just a small report to you guys from early this morning, since I am not sure I can fall back asleep for another hour. A 1/2 meter tsunami is expected, though you can hardly call that much more than a big wave, but it's sorta a wake-up call to where I live. Survival kit...check. Here's a link to the first article being put out about the quake.