Thursday, October 22, 2009

Two Worlds Collide

I often feel like I live in two different worlds, which has some obvious truth to it. I have two completely separate lives that don’t really mix. My friends here listen to me talk about home, my family and friends and life in America and my friends and family at home listen to stories and see pictures of my adventures here, but there isn’t any interaction between the two worlds. Therefore it’s a bit nerve-wracking when the two worlds collide. Starting over in a new country with literally no one that you know allows you to sort of rebuild yourself – your image, personality, what background information people know about you. I can’t say that I really act much different than I do at home, I guess just in theory it's that way. So my friends in Japan got a small glimpse into my “previous” life and Dawna a glimpse into my “new” world (or maybe my same life in a different world?).

So anyway, the collision ended up being amazing ;) My best friend since childhood came to visit me in Japan for a little over a week. I think we had a really great mix of being able to relax and just do our own thing (watch movies and FRIENDS while eating popcorn and peanut butter M&Ms) and seeing new places and things. Coming to a new country, especially one with a culture so opposite your own, can be an intense experience and it’s easy to shy away from things but Dawna hit a few of them head on, which made me excited to share a few of those parts of my life with her!

From a purikura booth in Tokyo

I’m just going to do a few blog entries about the different places we went, because it’s too hard to cram a whole week’s worth of activities into one blog entry. Dawna, thanks so much for taking time out of your life to come explore mine for a bit. I love you so much and hope you enjoyed your time here as much as I did!

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