Thursday, October 22, 2009

Around the 'nomiya

We spent a few days just around where I live, and of course one of them was spent at Shiraito Waterfalls and Lake Tanuki, the sorta "must-sees" of my city. First we headed off to the waterfalls. On the path down to the falls there is a bunch of bamboo, so we decided to go senior picture style (as we did at many places throughout the week!):

At the waterfalls, we decided to buy the cell phone charms of some Mt. Fuji characters. They kiss each other and we wanted to make sure they had enough "alone time" before they parted ways again and resided in different countries:

After Shiraito Waterfalls, we headed up to Lake Tanuki for a little picnic, followed by a walk around the lake:

And a few more senior pictures:

Mt. Fuji didn't come out to play, but it was a fabulous day despite it!

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