Saturday, March 14, 2009

Karaoke and Purikura

Last weekend I went to "No Smokey Karaoke" with a few friends from the Fuji area. Before that, we had chili made by Joe, which was AmAzInG! It was the only chili I've had since I arrived, so it was a nice treat! Before karaoke, we did purikura -- for those who don't know it's really popular in Japan. It's like a picture booth, but you can take the pictures with all sorts of backgrounds and then decorate them afterward on a computer and they print off as little stickers. Here are a few of the ones we took! Usually you can do cooler backgrounds, but we had quite a few people, so it's hard to all fit into a "spaceship" or something like that!

Kelly's not really violent :P Just to clarify haha!

I see another year in Japan in the crystal ball!

Such a fun time!!! Hope all is well at home, will try to update more often, I haven't been doing so well at that lately!

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