Monday, February 2, 2009


Sunday was a nice girls day all around. Andrea and Kelly and I went strawberry picking near Fujinomiya. Most people that I have talked to around here haven't been there, but it was nice that it wasn't so crowded like it probably would have been in Shizuoka City. Strawberry picking is different here in that you don't pick the strawberries to take home, but rather it's all you can eat in a half an hour. I had 26 strawberries...pretty pathetic next to the 45ish that Andrea had! We brought our Hershey's chocolate syrup and it was glorious. And we may have snuck a few home with us too. Don't tell ;)

After strawberry picking we stopped up at Lake Tanuki to get a nice view of Mt. Fuji. We had gone up to Lake Tanuki before, but it was too cloudy to see Fujisan, so it was nice on Sunday. It was a little cold up there, but beautiful nonetheless. And we became celebrities somehow, and about 10 photographers with huge lenses started snapping pictures of the three of us ladies in front of Mt. Fuji. Apparently they don't see three American ladies there every other day they go to snap pictures :) We almost couldn't get away, it was crazy. And this picture reminds me not to slouch when standing next to people who are shorter than me. Shoot. Anyway hope you like it :) This weekend is busy until I leave for Yuki Matsuri! Hopefully catch up after that at work!

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