Wednesday, August 27, 2008

1 Month Passed Already!!

So today marks 1 month in Japan. Time has flown by sooo quickly. This time being here is very different than when I studied abroad, because when I was in Chile and Spain, after 1 month I was half done! Here, I don’t even feel like I’m all the way settled. It just seems like a big waiting game. Waiting to get internet, waiting for classes to start, waiting to figure out how to do this and how to do that. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing, just different. It also seems like I haven’t done a whole lot since I arrived, although I’ve started to do some local sightseeing. maybe after I climb Mt. Fuji this weekend, it will feel more like I’ve accomplished something since I arrived.

So this past weekend I threw together a mini-excursion for the area JETs to go to Shiraito Waterfalls in Fujinomiya. It’s about a half an hour bus ride from the train/bus station, but still considered a part of Fujinomiya. The waterfalls were beautiful, and we were lucky enough to have it not rain TOO hard while we were there. Then we came back to Sengan Shrine in downtown Fujinomiya, which was fun, even though I’d been there twice already because other people hadn’t had the opportunity to see it. Then we went shopping at the JUSCO, basically like a big mall in my city – it’s nothing to brag about, but has most everything all in one place which is quite convenient. Sunday I was supposed to go to the beach and fireworks in Atami, but it got rained out, so I spent the day shopping again :)

The New Fujinomiya ALTs - Kavita, me and Dion

Yesterday at school Kavita’s supervisor decided to take us out sightseeing, so we actually got the chance to go to the waterfalls again (haha…while we were supposed to be working) and check out Asagiri Heights, basically a big farming area in my city…which really seems to me to be outside the city, but apparently it’s not :) And got to visit a little farm-type park where you could feed the animals, learn how to milk a cow, etc. It was interesting, really not all that exciting, but better than sitting at my desk in school. And it reminded me of home with the sights and smells haha.

After school today I have to head to the post office to send home some money…pray for me! I hope I get everything figured out!! I have the forms to fill out which have English on them, but it’s still a little scary if they ask questions that I can’t answer!!! Ohhhh my!!

Alright- I’m going to go study some Japanese…I’ve been slacking the last few days! I also need to come up with some plans for my first 3 day weekend! Getting out to see some more of Japan! Can’t wait.

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Nicole Ahles said...

I can't believe you've been gone a month already! God I miss you!