Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Friday Everyone!

Just a short note for today – today was amazing. I am one of the first people to live every day in the time zone I’m in, so I thought I’d let you know how amazing it really is (yes, I do know that I’m extremely corny…)

Number 1 – yesterday I got a new air pump (from the dollar store believe it or not) that was a godsend…my tires were pumped in 5 minutes. The day before with all that pumping was a waste of time. SO today I got to ride my bike to school! And by ride, I mean coast down the hill with my brakes on for most of the way!! I got to sleep a little later, got to wear my hair down because I wasn’t going to be sweating like a pig, and it was also a lot nicer outside today, so it was almost perfect! :)

Number 2 – I got to talk to my teacher about my first lesson. Most teachers get to do an entire lesson on themselves (like games and stuff to introduce themselves), but I work at one of the highest level schools in my area. So I’m doing a short self-intro lesson and then jumping into the first lesson on making phone calls in English. My teacher was really impressed with how planned out and organized I was…not hard to do since it’s the only thing I’ve really had to do since I arrived! But, it made me feel good that I was doing something right, and hope that it leads to a little more responsibility at the school…I might go crazy without any work to do!

Number 3 – many teachers have been noticing that I study Japanese at school, and I’m being met with very positive responses :) Again, just hoping that it makes the other teachers take me seriously.

Number 4 – It’s Friday!!! Tomorrow I’m going to Shiraito Waterfalls in the morning. Sunday I’m going to Atami for the beach and fireworks and bringing a friend back to stay at my house! I didn’t do anything at night this week, so I’m ready for some socialization (I don’t think watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S DVDs is all that sociable ;) )

Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks to those who sent me emails on my phone, it’s amazing and I can always use more (hint, hint). Love ya, Ash

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