Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thanks Friend!

Nicole has been bothering everyday recently, asking me if I got her package yet - I think she was more excited than me!!! I of course was excited to get the package too -- my first one in a long while!! Like a well deserved prize, the box was hanging in a plastic bag on my door knob after biking up THE HILL. I think I might just refer to it in CAPS from now on.

I rushed inside and opened it up, and proceeded to binge on its contents!!!! My big hike is coming up and she got me a bag that says "Just One More Mile" - what a perfect gift :) I'm going to fill it with some peanut butter m&ms and girl scout cookies (which obviously were in the package too) to keep me going after many many "one more miles." Of course, I ate plenty of the food for my after school snack!!!

Thanks, Nicole, you have no idea how excited I was about those cookies!!!! Thanks for thinking of me! Love you and miss you lots!!

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