Thursday, February 4, 2010

Braving the Doctor Alone

So, I've been sick since about last Thursday. It's just a cold, presumably because I stayed up pretty late almost every night the week before and wore myself out. Totally my own fault, but I'm in a weird February slump.

Anyway, I took a sick day on Friday and thought I was maybe on my way to getting better by Monday. I taught a class with my limited voice on Monday and on Tuesday it was much better, but Wednesday basically non-existent. I decided I had been sick long enough and should go to the doctor. So, I decided to brave it on my own as I didn't feel it was worth it to make my supervisor miss her classes near the end of the semester just because I have a stupid cold. She wrote the doctor a note for me though with my symptoms and stuff and I headed off on a brave new adventure.

I handed them my note at the desk when I first showed up and took a seat in the waiting room. After a few minutes, one of the nurses came out with a mask for me to put on and led me to a back corner of the clinic with a bed, presumably where they keep the contagious people! I sucked it up and put on the mask for show, though I was annoyed about it the whole time!

It turned out the doctor could speak a little bit of English. He was pretty shy however and decided he felt more comfortable writing what he wanted to say down and I read it. It was kinda funny because his English actually was good. But, I suppose it's better that he wrote it down instead of just insisting he doesn't know English like many Japanese do!

He told me I probably just have a common cold, but gave me some antibiotics that I should take if my symptoms got worse, along with a bunch of other drugs for my cough, constipation (because apparently the cough medicine he gave me causes constipation haha), phlegm, pain and fever, and sore throat/inflammation. Quite the cold cocktail if I do say so myself! I put on my mask one more time as I walked out.

I have interview tests coming up starting Monday, so I really need my voice. Therefore, I decided to jump right into those antibiotics along with the other meds, hoping that somehow I'll get better! I took the rest of Wednesday off school and Thursday as well. I have to head back tomorrow (Friday) because I'm supposed to teach two classes, English club and also need to make sure everything is good to go for tests on Monday. I'll probably spend most of the weekend sleeping as well, but I'm so sick of being sick!!! Hopefully I'll be good to go next week.

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