Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Alright, so here comes the stream of updates that you probably dread reading all at one time, sorry!!!!

Things are going well here. The school year is in full swing, in fact it's midterm test time, so just getting into the meat of the semester. Which means my first year students will soon lose their eagerness to learn once they realize that high school tests are much harder than junior high and that they have to spend every last minute they have studying. Ahhhhh Japan. I shouldn't be pessamistic, but it's probably true. For the time being, classes are going well. I have a little break this week from teaching classes, which has been filled with correcting essays instead. Makes for some interesting reading, however after awhile it gets super redundant. Highlights: my students think I'm 30 years old, one of my students has an obsession with dictionaries, and many girls want to be perfect wives, which is why they are in the "homemaking" club/cooking club/home ec club. I have another stack of second year essays, but for my sanity, I am putting them off until at least Friday!

My adult conversation class is just getting going. We have had three classes now, and I'm enjoying the mix of old and new students. I'm trying improve on the class from last session, and so far I think I've been successful.

I got sick last Tuesday, and today I think I am really on the road to full recovery. I still have a bit of a cough, but overall, everything else is feeling pretty good. But basically that means I have done nothing but sleep, eat and read for most of the last week! I did decide to try to run my 10K race on Sunday despite being sick, but it didn't go so well considering I could barely breathe just walking. I ended up walking about half of it, but I guess I finished :) and got my "free" t-shirt and certificate for finishing. And there were plenty of people who walked it, so I guess I shouldn't feel too bad. I still feel like I want to run another race in June to redeem myself. Sucks after training awhile and knowing you can run that far...and then still having to walk half cuz you're sick. I have a few random ideas of races in the future, but they are sorta far off dreams, so maybe I shall share them later :)

So that is the rundown on my general life these days. Miss you all!!!!

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